Product Overview

As a world leader in full-spectrum PPXX technology platform and positioned to be your trusted value co-creation partner, HCP is committed to provide essential core technology and service to enable generation and sensing of your full-spectrum laser sources as well as their applications.




PPMgO:LN (Periodically poled MgO doped lithium niobate) is a highly efficient nonlinear crystal for full spectrum applications from UV to THz via quasi-phase matching (QPM) in various configurations of nonlinear frequency conversion. Rather than birefringence phase matching (BPM), the utilization of largest nonlinear tensor (d33) can be achieved by electrical poling technologies. HC Photonics offer not only the peiodically or aperiodically poled chips but also waveguides for the various laser applications.




HC photonics' mixers are the OEM products for frequency conversion with the PPXX microchip inside. By integrating the needed optics, electrics and mechanics, our mixer could free your hands from the delicate optical alignments and maintaining. Both fiber coupled/free space output are feasible in our mixers. Except for standard types provided by HC Photonics, we also welcome the customized mixers for your specific applications.




Accessories & Services

HC photonics offers the accessories such as chip mount, ovens and controllers for stable temperature control on the PPMgO:XX chips. HC photonics also has the capability on dichroic coating and presion dicing/optical polishing with good surface quality for the laser application.



Photonics solutions

HC photonics' unique wavelength conversion technologies for full spectrum laser enable the possibility for many application, such as gas sensing by a mid-IR laser, the photon detection/generation, and the bio-medical purpose. By integrating all the components into a sub-system to system, HC photonics can deliver you the on-board service for very wide applications. 


Table. 1 A comparison table for common nonlinear crystal with periodic poling. 

*1 The damage threshold are stronly depending on the laser condition such as wavelength, pulse width...etc.